Printing Your Professional Photos

I’ve been getting quite a few emails recently from past clients looking to print their professional photos onto albums and wall art. I really love seeing this! Not only for the fact that it’s keeping me busy but also because I always wish they had ordered these in the first place. Why? Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything about the importance of having professional printed products and wall art in your home.

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Digital Images vs Prints

So you’ve searched and found your favourite photographer. You had a lovely photo session and now you have to decide what to do with the beautiful professional photos of you and your family? Most people’s first option will be to get the digital images and I can understand why.

With the high-resolution files, you can print your professional photos any size you like and as many times as you like. That’s fair enough right? I agree with this and love the idea too. That’s why I offer digital images although many studios prefer not to sell these files.

So why am I writing about professional photos and printed products? Because these are the ones that are going to stand the test of time. The frames, albums and prints you get from your professional photographer are the photos that you will be looking at and cherishing for years to come. Not only you but your babies when they grow up and even their children too.



Digital images are usually left forgotten and have a much higher chance of being deleted or corrupted

I love to be able to offer something tangible to my clients. Every time I see my work on these beautiful products my heart melts. Imagine how mums and dads feel when they see their baby and family portraits displayed on a lovely album or gorgeous frames on the wall?

3 Great Reasons To Print Your Professional Photos 4

3 Reasons why you should invest in getting your professional photos printed


1  Durability

We live in a generation that has become pretty much obsessed with the digital world and that could be one of the reasons why most of us feel like we need a digital copy of our photos. Just so we can put them up on Facebook or Instagram. But when it comes to longevity, professional photos printed are more meaningful and durable than just a file on your hard drive. 


2  Quality

Yeah, you can use the digital files to get canvases and prints from the printing kiosk down the road or online. The quality could be ok and that will most likely be fine for getting a couple of smaller prints to have around the house but when it comes to really showcasing your favourite images I firmly believe that you should consider getting professional products. 


The prints, frames and albums are going to have the colours and quality that your photographer worked so hard to present to you. It’s nothing like the orange-tinted and faded prints that sometimes come out of the popular highstreet machines.

After all the time you invested looking for a photographer and actually getting the shoot done, you deserve to see your professional photos displayed on a high-quality product in your home.

3  Practicality

For many years I only offered my clients digital packages. You’d hire me and choose a package with 10, 15 or 20 images from your session. That was fine for a while until I realised that I was doing my clients a massive disservice!

As their chosen photographer I was literally providing only part of the service I should have. This only crossed my mind when I started receiving emails from past clients, 2-3 years after their newborn sessions asking me to send their digital images again. Why? Because they never had the time to print their professional photos until now.

I bet most people reading this blog post will have at least one USB key sitting in a drawer with professional photos they wanted to print out and never got around to doing it.

Truth is you probably looked for frames and sizes, got confused and never had the time to get back to it. Life got in the way and you moved on. 

3 Great Reasons To Print Your Professional Photos 11

Well, the good news is your photographer has it all figured out. As a professional, he/she can supply you with a range of products that are going to suit your home. You can also save time and stress by getting your photographer to design that lovely collection of frames for your walls and a gorgeous layout for your album.



Should I buy the digital copies? You may ask.

With social media and all the technology around us, it’s only natural to think you will need the digital copies of your images but that’s not always the case.

The first thing I suggest is to consider investing in professional good quality printed products like a beautiful frame, a gorgeous heirloom album or fine art prints and if your budget allows you to, yeah, go for digital images as well! Like that you can be sure you’ll have something that will last generations and you can also go off and get a few smaller prints yourself, post them on social media and even do your Thank You cards too.