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I’m Lidi and I’m an award-winning newborn baby photographer based here in Ireland. Originally from Brazil, I moved to Dublin to learn English and explore this beautiful country. Now, ten years later, I am in love with Ireland and happily married to my incredible husband, Gareth. I began my career as a journalist but my direction and passion changed when I started to become more involved in photography.

In the beginning, I photographed everything to find out what inspired me the most. It became clear very quickly to me that my talent lay in photographing babies, family and love.

My husband launched his career as a photographer in 2014 and together we became the awesome photography team behind Lima Conlon PhotographySince then, however, I’ve created my own space where I specialise in photographing newborns while Gareth continues with his talent for wedding photography.

Becoming a mum, myself, to my beautiful children Sophie and Thomas, taught me to cherish the simple things in life. I can still remember so clearly the first time I held them in my arms – their smell, their sounds, their tiny features … It felt like time had stopped for me to savour those moments. While we all wish babies could stay that small forever, it is inevitable that they will grow up, and quickly. That’s why I feel very privileged that my job allows me to capture these wonderful moments for my clients when their babies are so small, sealing them forever in my images to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Newborn photography is more than just ‘click and go’ for me. It is an art form which I have crafted and refined throughout my years working as a baby photographer. Each of my collections requires the utmost care and unique vision to capture the images of your baby in such a way as to transport you back to those moments when your child was so new to the world. You’ll be reminded of their size, their innocence, and of the feeling of pride and love you had when you held them in your arms.

My aim with each newborn baby photoshoot is to create a photo collection that is not only artistic in its composition but will have the power to swell your heart with emotion every time you look at them. So, if you’re expecting a baby and would like to capture their first moments in some beautiful images, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Lidi x

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