Newborn Photography Training

Online Mentoring Sessions

– Online IPS (In person sales) & how to master them!

– Business, Marketing and Sales to make the profit that you deserve

– Post Production (all levels of Photoshop) 

– Gear & how to get started

– Portfolio review and feedback

– Newborn Safety

€150 per hour via ZOOM

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    Group Workshops

    These are two day workshops offered a few times throughout the year at different parts of the country. They are two days filled with everything you need to know about newborn photography. Here are a few of the topics I cover during my trainings:

    – Newborn safety

    – Posing

    – Styling

    – Lighting

    – Technical aspects 

    – Post production 

    – Business & marketing

    – Sales!

    Practice and learn

    We usually have 2-3 babies to photograph and attendees are able to practise their angles and camera settings during these sessions as well as use their final images in their portfolio.

    You’ll be able to learn my own posing workflow that I have developed throughout the years which includes props, bean bag and parents & siblings shots. This workflow has helped me keep my newborn sessions to an average of 2 hours while I can create a great variety of images for my clients.

    We  also spend some time editing images from both shoots and I show all my post production techniques including tips on how to save time editing and my special recipe to make my images “pop”.

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    Education 3

    how to create a profitable business

    Another important part of my Workshops is the Business, Marketing & Sales. I feel like most photographers spend a lot of time learning how to pose babies and get the portfolio shot that they forget that this is actually a  business too and not only do we need to get clients in the door, we also need to make profit. Learn my marketing tips and my pricing structure to help your business grow.

    Mentoring sessions

    All of my 1:1 and 2:1 mentoring sessions cover the topics mentioned above and I also spend time focusing on each student’s particular needs. That way, we can concentrate on the areas in which you feel you need the most support and assistance. Being a newborn photographer and mentor is both a rewarding and privileged role and I love being able to share my knowledge with like-minded people to help them to realise their dreams.

    So, if you’re looking for a mentor or would like to host one of my workshops don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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