Being a photographer taking newborn photos is all about being patient and understanding towards the little ones and the more comfortable the baby is, the more rewarding the whole experience is.

Throughout my years as a photographer, I’ve developed a few tips and tricks to make the sessions feel like a breeze for both the baby and the parents. Prior to the session, I send out a short list of detailed instructions to the mum and dad so they will know what to expect and can prepare their little ones for their newborn photos. This includes simple things like giving the baby a bath, feeding them right before my arrival, and keeping them awake for some time so they can make the most out of their appointment.

Asian Newborn Photos

In my line of work, I meet families with all sorts of background but little Joshua was one of the few Asian babies I’ve ever photographed. His mum followed my instructions previous to our photo session but sometimes even with all the preparation, babies might have a hard time settling if they are going through growth spurts. When I arrived at his home, Joshua was already fed but wasn’t ready to leave his mum’s side which is very common on breastfed babies. Shortly after I finished setting up he drifted off to dreamland and we started his newborn photos.

After a few sleepy shots, Joshua decided he was hungry again and woke up for another feed. That’s when I got to photograph him with his beautiful Asian eyes open and some action shots of him yawning, which I love!